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The 4th EAI International Symposium on Green Communications and Networking

November 29–30, 2017 | Pisa, Italy

The 4th EAI International Symposium on Green Communications and Networking


Over the last decade, communications and networking have seen exponential growth. Future networks are characterised by massive deployment of base stations/access points which also requires scaling up the backbone network capacity. All these devices and equipment will consume more power and will result in undesired rise in carbon dioxide (CO2) emission. Since global warming and climate change have been a growing worldwide concern, researchers are focusing on designing green networks comprising of energy efficient equipment, devices and techniques. The challenge is to reduce the power consumption without compromising various performance metrics. This conference will explore and explain the scope and challenges of designing, building, and deploying green networks.


The conference invites original technical papers that were not previously published and are not currently under review for publication elsewhere. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Green wireless network architecture design
  • Green multiple access schemes
  • Energy saving via caching techniques
  • Green communication protocols
  • Green modulation schemes
  • Energy efficient routing protocols
  • Physical layer techniques for energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient design of mmWave communications
  • Energy efficient Device to Device (D2D) communications
  • Green backhauling architectures
  • Energy efficient MAC protocols
  • Energy-aware design for small cells and HetNets
  • Energy Efficient algorithms and scheduling techniques
  • Green massive MIMO techniques
  • Green Radio Resource Management Techniques
  • Cross-layer energy efficiency optimization
  • Security in green mobile communication networks
  • Energy efficient cell selection and user association
  • Cooperative green communications
  • Energy efficient smart city
  • Green network measurement and monitoring.
  • Green Cloud-Heterogeneous Radio Access Network (C-HRAN) desing
  • Standardisation for green communications and networking
  • Energy efficient and secure implementation of cryptographic protocols
  • Lightweight cryptography





  • The event is endorsed by the European Alliance for Innovation, a leading community-based organisation devoted to the advancement of innovation in the field of ICT.


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